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There are many people who helped in the founding of Yumeve and to whom we would like to send a “Dankeschoen”!

First, to the whole team at Toertchen, Toertchen. Also, special thanks to Matthias Ludwigs, Stefan Kettler, Christoph Weissbrod, Steffie Husemann, Jan Huneke, Ramona Hinterholzer, Ivars Ozols and Hendrik Siefert for teaching Eve, believing in her and her project.

We would like to extend our thanks to Ronald Ulman, our accountant.

Jana Krusdick, Christian Maiwald (, and Dachma (, for taking care of our logo.

To the whole CEL team, who tested all our Yumees and haven’t stopped giving feedback.

Special thanks to Megan O’Brien, who lectured and edited all texts for our webpage. As well as to Jonathan and Jayme, for sitting down and helping to find right name and slogan. And to Paula for helping to check into the mail delivery.

To Eve’s Mum, Annette, and all the great siblings Jan, Ute and Ulf, including their amazing partners, for believing in the project; for believing in Yumeve. For giving support and encouragement.

To Eve’s Step-Mum, Mechthild, who left her great kitchen to Eve for days of baking and Eve’s Father, Heinrich, for giving support in so many ways.

To my in-laws, for accepting me with all my dreams and ideas.

Thank you to Doris and Anne for being such great friends; for finding solutions and for scheduling calls to overcome the time difference. To Jenny and Janine, for always being there. For making the distance not a problem. For visiting us and not mentioning the effort in doing so. Thank you to Tilly & Claudia, for sharing dreams and memories and to Nadine for staying in my life, no matter what.

Many thanks to all our friends, who keep in touch and believe in us, despite the fact that we are busy all the time and for most of them, quite far away.

Thank you to Pam Moy and the whole Lo family, you are amazing! Making sure that there is more than just work in our life in California.

And last, but not least, thank you to Patrick. For always being there, for taking the Food Handler Exam, for managing the homepage, for being such a great partner; in both business and personal life.

Thanks to all of you guys!!!!



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