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Yumeve is about the perfect taste; the most delicious creation. Baking is an art; the nice thing about our art is that you can eat it. Which is great because we never have to stop creating new things, as they will be gone in a few days, so there is always room for something new.

Baking is about chemistry as well and there is no limit when creating something new, which means you have to try and find the perfect recipe. This is a challenge and it is something which everybody of our team loves.

Creating the perfect Yumees made from different kinds of doughs, soft or crisp, sometimes a combination of both. Yumees with fruits, herbs and nuts, different fillings, spices and decoration. We call our products Yumees, as that is what they should be. Yummy and delicious.

You will find two main categories of Yumees: Sweet Yumees and salty Yumees. Within the sweet Yumees you will find cookies, jams, pastries and desserts. Salty Yumees do include our cracker and salty granola, the perfect topping for every salad.

Special Yumees are products which are used for celebrations, weddings, Valentine’s & Mother Day, Thanksgiving.. There is no limit in occasions to give away a Yumee.

If you want a wedding favor or a give away for a special occasion let us know. There are many great options and we will be happy to assist you to find the perfect Yumee for you.

We also offer catering and are able to do amazing desserts. You will find some pictures but as baking is an art we are creating new things every week.


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