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 Yumeve is comprised of Eve, Eve’s husband Patrick and Little Fred.

Eve is German and has loved to bake since she was a child. There are pictures of five-year old Eve creating a big mess in her parents’ kitchen, trying to whip up the perfect cookies.

As she got older, she tried cookies and desserts wherever she went. Eve has seen a lot of places, she has traveled the world, always looking for the perfect cookie, a delicious dessert.

One thing that has always bothered her were big portions, cookies that were too you cannot try all the desserts you would like if everything is so big. She started to make things smaller, using smaller dishes for her desserts and buying special forms for her cookies. Exclusive, delicious and not too big, this is the motto of her creations, “klein aber fein” (small but excellent) as a German would say.

At some point, Eve was ready to fulfill her dream: She took courses at one of the top patisseries in Germany (a patisserie is a high end bakery originating in France) and completed months of training. Finally she founded Yumeve and her dreams began to come true.

Patrick is in charge of our homepage, virtual marketing and sales. For Eve he is her anchor in the wild sea. He is the shoulder to rest on and the back up if nothing goes the right way. Patrick is a certified food handler as well, so he assists in production and at the farmers market in busy times.

And then there is Fred. His full name is Frederick Little, but he usually goes by Little Fred or just Fred. Fred is a little gnome and lived together with all those ideas about different Yumees in Eve’s dreams. Then finally, when it came time to find the logo for Yumeve, the German comic designer and illustrator, Dachma, gave Fred his body and appearance. Sometimes he is a little cheeky and sneaks away some cookies, but he assists with his ideas, comments and positive attitude. We would not want to do it without him.

So, here we are. Creating the perfect Yumees, made from different kinds of doughs; soft or crispy, sometimes a combination of both. Yumees with fruits, herbs and nuts. Yumees with various fillings, spices and decorations. Yumeve is about the perfect taste.

Explore. Taste. Indulge.




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